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Choosing a Wedding Cake

The process of deciding what type of wedding cake you would like in your wedding can be daunting. Hopefully this post can provide you with some practical tips to take away to make choosing a cake a much more enjoyable experience.


Choose a theme for your wedding first, then choose a cake to match it:

Once you’ve decided on your wedding theme, style and colour, choosing a cake to match it will enable you to eliminate hundreds of other options and enable you to narrow your selection to a more manageable pool. For example, you may want to consider a semi-naked cake for a rustic themed wedding.


Consider the number of guests you have to feed:

If you have invited 200+ guests to your wedding, then you’re probably going to require a 3-tier cake. Whereas a wedding with less than 100 guests would probably only require a 1-tier cake. Portion size is another factor. While having a 3-tier cake to cater for 200+ guests would be ideal, you could possibly still get away with a 2-tier if you serve the cake with other deserve options. This way, you could cut the cake with smaller portion sizes.


Finally, what flavour do you prefer?

If you’re choosing a flavour for your cake to please your guests, then you may want to decide on a safe option like Vanilla, Lemon, and the ever so safe…chocolate. Other flavours like Red Velvet and Pink Champagne can be visually pleasing as it provides an amazing contrast to the traditionally white exterior of the cake. Other options to consider are Coconut and Lime, Carrot, and my personal favourite, White Chocolate with Raspberry.


Hopefully, the above information will enable you to narrow your options and help make choosing a wedding cake a more enjoyable experience! 

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